Have you seen these?

Have you seen these?

I am looking to examine and document furniture that was made or painted by, or in any way attributed to John Shearer or Johannes/John Spitler. I am also interested in examining manuscripts and historical documents related to either craftsmen or their customers. I am specifically looking for the following pieces:

John Shearer, Joiner

  • Descended in the van Metre family or Bodine family of Berkeley County, W. VA. Sold by Harry W. Yoe, auctioneer, July 3-4, 1981:

  • Inscribed “John Shearer / Joiner / Martinsburgh / 1800.” Advertised in Magazine Antiques, January 1965:

  • Inlay mentions the ship “Asia.” The original owner contacted Frank Horton of MESDA in the 1980s. the original owner died in the late 1990s:

  • The Traveler’s Rest desk was last known to have been sold at a Headley’s auction:

  • Samuel Luckett desk. This desk was held in the “Valley Pioneer Artists” exhibit held in Winchester in 1986:

  • Desk with hidden letter discussing when the British burned Washington. Sold at Sotheby’s June 20-21, 1996:

  • Dining table with a incised and stained escutcheon design:

  • “Eliz Filler Fame to Mars” incised in inlay:


John Spitler, Furniture Painter

  • Sold at Sothebys on June 19, 1992:

  • Last known in an Ohio collection:

  • Published in Antiques Magazine, October 1975, p. 734:

  • Sold at Sotheby’s, January 24, 1987, lot 211:


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